With a solid background in Business Systems, Web and Graphical design, we understand the art of turning ‘bricks and mortar’ business into the online business of today. We are an experienced Web & iOS development team with passion and a flare for creating the very best Web, iPhone, iPad and MacOS apps for your business. We use the power of the very latest Web, Apple and Cloud technology to launch your business online and keep you where you need to be. Our technology talent is backed up by organised and efficient processes and personable staff that will work alongside you on this online journey.


Appstricity is led by a dedicated and enthusiastic team. We embrace a fully virtual workplace and leverage many of the practices that we preach. Currently with main work locations  in both the UK and France we are able to service all our British and European clients. Our teams fuse the experience and knowledge of sustained working in the IT world with the fresh creativity, insight and passion of the new enthusiast.

BethCreativity & Content
Originally a nurse by trade, with experience in the Health and Service sectors, Beth has subsequently recognised her flare for creative writing and all-things content related. She applies this valuable skill in bringing the developers funky code to life and translating our client’s thoughts into online reality and prose. She oversees our design standards and manages the Graphical team, ensuring the effective translation of client needs into and out of the mysterious magical world that is graphic design.
A seasoned veteran of the IT business world, Damian has done it all, from new venture start-ups, to working with the big technology powerhouses such as Hitachi, Oracle and IBM. An engineer by trade and a programmer with an eye in the future, he understands how the IT world ticks and has the knowledge and experience to successfully deliver. He guides and steers our clients on their journey from idea visualisation, to concept design, development & delivery whilst building that trusted relationship for long lasting support.
EmilyHead of IT & Development
Having roamed the globe in her early years, travelling through Europe, Asia, Australia and South America she has finally stopped to setup camp in the South of France. With a passion for bringing new ideas to life, Emily is now our website guru and development Ninja with scripting as her weapon of choice. With a drive for efficiency, if it can’t be coded at breakneck speed she is not happy. Emily maintains our databases, cloud platforms and back office systems. She loves conjuring up Twilio AI Bots!
ToddClient Delivery
Having travelled the world in the Royal Navy and then taking up a career in IT, Todd is passionate about delivering solutions that exceed expectations and enhance any business. He has helped companies across Publishing, Manufacturing and Banking sectors to achieve their strategic objectives. He is responsible for ensuring that development milestones consistently are achieved, and the team remains focussed on the task at hand.
LindsayUser Interface Design & Development
Lindsay, is our UX designer and great Canadian adventurer. When not hiking around Canada she is perfecting our User interfaces to ensure they are intuitive, human centred and efficient. Lindsay is a big believer that great design happens when you are able to empathise with users and truly understand their needs.
OliDesign & Graphics
Our design wizard Oli lives in Design World where logos are born, memojis come to life, colour schemes explode and contraptions are modelled and made.

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